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Road map

Here you will see a master plan that covers the major milestones of the project development.
Company registration JUNE 25 / 2021 (COMPLETED)

During the general meeting of shareholders of Stexion Finance LTD, a decision was made to register a legal entity in Cyprus. Cyprus is the most favorable country for investors and partners of our company.

Opening of a corporate office AUGUST 10 / 2021 (COMPLETED)

Successful launch and further operation of the project are impossible without a large team of specialists who should be at the same place for quick interaction with each other.

Company website launch 7 SEPTEMBER / 2022 (COMPLETED)

After over a year of successful work with private investors and partners, we announce the opening of the official website of the company and expand our borders around the world!

Opening of branch offices Stexion Finance Co. Ltd SEPTEMBER 1 / 2023 (PENDING)

With the company`s appearance on the global investment market and the emergence of a large number of foreign investors from different parts of the world, it is necessary to expand the company`s territorial borders, open branch offices in the capitals of each state.

Investment plans

STEXION-FINANCE Ltd offers its investors several investment plans which depend on the amount of the deposit.
Min. 0.001 BTC
Profit per day: 2.1%
Total profit: 210%
Period: 100 days
Min. 0.05 BTC
Profit per day: 2.2%
Total profit: 220%
Period: 100 days
Min. 0.25 BTC
Profit per day: 2.3%
Total profit: 230%
Period: 100 days
Min. 0.75 BTC
Profit per day: 2.5%
Total profit: 250%
Period: 100 days


In this table you can see the latest deposits, payouts and affiliate rewards in real time
Deposits Payouts
the date 09/28/2022 3:14:49 PM
Deposit amount 582.20474200 DOGE
Status 00:00:00
the date 09/28/2022 2:55:43 PM
Deposit amount 400.00000000 DOGE
Status 00:00:00
the date 09/28/2022 2:37:57 PM
Deposit amount 1015.00000000 DOGE
Status 00:00:00
the date 09/28/2022 2:31:31 PM
Deposit amount 500.00000000 DOGE
Status 00:00:00
the date 09/28/2022 2:28:01 PM
Deposit amount 0.21975600 LTC
Status 00:00:00
the date 09/28/2022 2:06:37 PM
Deposit amount 0.25793800 LTC
Status 00:00:00
the date 09/28/2022 1:53:40 PM
Deposit amount 888.96000000 DOGE
Status 00:00:00
the date 09/28/2022 1:44:32 PM
Deposit amount 472.30000000 DOGE
Status 00:00:00
the date 09/28/2022 1:32:48 PM
Deposit amount 0.07500000 ETH
Status 00:00:00
the date 09/28/2022 1:29:12 PM
Deposit amount 543.02000000 DOGE
Status 00:00:00
the date 09/28/2022 3:15:54 PM
Deposit amount 662.65900000 DOGE
Status Paid out
the date 09/28/2022 3:13:52 PM
Deposit amount 0.01207550 LTC
Status Paid out
the date 09/28/2022 2:54:47 PM
Deposit amount 944.00000000 DOGE
Status Paid out
the date 09/28/2022 2:50:28 PM
Deposit amount 0.00026487 BTC
Status Paid out
the date 09/28/2022 2:45:54 PM
Deposit amount 0.05488680 LTC
Status Paid out
the date 09/28/2022 2:37:05 PM
Deposit amount 0.01008000 LTC
Status Paid out
the date 09/28/2022 2:30:34 PM
Deposit amount 0.03388550 LTC
Status Paid out
the date 09/28/2022 2:25:06 PM
Deposit amount 291.64800000 DOGE
Status Paid out
the date 09/28/2022 2:13:54 PM
Deposit amount 0.03806620 LTC
Status Paid out
the date 09/28/2022 2:07:42 PM
Deposit amount 0.01693000 LTC
Status Paid out


Many of our clients have already experienced the benefits of cooperation with our company.
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Welcome to the website of the international investment company STEXION-FINANCE
We invite you to cooperate with us if you want to multiply your capital by investing in to cryptocurrency trading market.
Our team consists of talented enthusiasts who made a decision to create a company with the common aim to form an impressive budget for sufficient trading on the digital currency market. The broad experience of working in this field together with cooperation with reliable partnership organizations gave us an opportunity to achieve high results of selling Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum, Dogecoin on the world’s largest exchanges. When others have doubts about the choice of the direction of their actions, we don`t. Cryptocurrencies are distinguished by high volatility and operations with them - liquidity allowing to achieve excellent results in trading. However, it was decided to increase the size of the working capital by attracting exterior investments. This is needed for the further growth of our company and achieving more significant goals.
Why Staxion Finance One of the main factors for the success of STEXION-FINANCE is fruitful cooperation with professional analysts responsible for expert analysis of the current situation on the cryptocurrency market. Reliable forecasts from competent specialists allow you to timely correct the actions of traders on the exchanges, competently diversifying financial resources and, accordingly, maintaining the high efficiency of the trading process. What are your guarantees? We regularly replenish our reserve fund, designed in case of unforeseen circumstances. Therefore absolutely all invested funds are protected from losses. The cost of the world`s main cryptocurrencies continues to grow, that`s why such investments will be expedient and profitable for a long time. Timely payment of investors` dividends is the fundamental basis of a client`s trust and the impeccable reputation of our company.
Who do we work with

Manual and

Head: Jack Bailey
Nationality: British
Address for correspondence: 49WF+RJ8, Atlas, Strovolos, Cyprus
Country of Residence: Cyprus
Date of Birth: February 1982

Frequently asked Questions

This section contains the questions most frequently asked to our support team and the answers of specialists to them. All of it is available for public review..